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Training Watches

Speed. Pace. Distance. When training for a triathlon or any other long distance event, it is important to properly maintain your pace without injuring yourself. A GPS heart rate monitor is an excellent tool to track distance, time, pace and your heart rate. Knowing your heart rate during training is essential when targeting specific heart rate zones which can aid in endurance training, recovery, and even weight loss.


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Open Water Swim Tips

The most important aspect of open water swimming is maintaining your breathing technique. After hours of laps, up and down the length of the pool your stroke, kick and body position will be dialed in and ready for your race. Maintaining an even tempo breathing cycle during your stroke and throughout the competition is the most important ingredient to performing your best on race day.


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 Tri Life is proud to announce sponsorship of this years IRONMAN 70.3 Augusta along with the race main sponsor; INTERMEDIX.

Nestled along the banks of the Savannah River, the intermedix IRONMAN 70.3 Augusta serves as one of the most thrilling and scenic events on the IRONMAN 70.3 circuit...





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